Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Remembering - Part II: Not-so-great moments in risk management history

This was from a WSU Cru "men's time" overnight camping trip in the spring of 2003:

From WSU Cru in the 2000's

I recently read some Campus Crusade finance training related to risk management that used an almost identical situation to the one above as a case study. Here are the questions it suggested we think about:
  • What are the possible opportunities to the ministry and the Kingdom by engaging in this activity? 
  • What are the possible liabilities to you personally, as the staff member involved in this event?
  • What are the possible liabilities to the ministry? 
  • Do the liabilities outweigh the potential to be gained?
I think the answer to that last question could depend on who you are asking.

The case study concluded by recommending a disc golf tournament as an alternative. We had discs at our event, but they were all orange and usually destroyed by shotgun fire. Glad no one got hurt.

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