Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Operations Meditations

Can we still meditate when we are doing busy doing "operations"? I think we must.

Foster's "Celebration of Discipline" is very refreshing. I suspect he is so beloved an author because he does the double duty of being deep and appropriately abstract while also being highly practical and descriptive. A quote from the end of his chapter on "The Discipline of Meditation":

"You must not be discouraged if in the beginning your meditations have little meaning to you. There is some progression in the spiritual life, and it is wise to have some experience with lesser peaks before trying to tackle the Mt. Everest of the soul. So be patient with yourself. Besides, you are learning a discipline for which you have received no training. Nor does our culture encourage you to develop these skills. You will be going against the tide, but take heart; your task is of immense worth."

In the fall, we'll spend a lot of time training our new operations team members how to do their jobs and accomplish the various tasks that will come before them. I'm thinking some training in how to meditate and go deep with the Lord will be training of at least equal value.

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