Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Books for an Ops team (Part II)

Way back in May of 2010, I posted about books I was considering having our Ops team read in the upcoming year. I've since moderately adjusted the list.

The following are currently being read by one person on the team and will be summarized in a 10-20 minute book report to our operations team answering the questions "What did I like? What did I take exception to? How could the concepts/ideas help our Ops team perform better?  Our whole region?":

Radical - Platt
Death by Meeting - Lencioni
Jacob and the Prodigal - Bailey
I once was lost - Everts and Schaupp
Drive - Pink
Seven practices of effective ministry - Stanley
Switch - Heath
Linchpin - Godin

What do you think of the list? You read any of these?

1 comment:

  1. Good choices....wish I could be a bug on the wall for the feedback from your team.

    Let me borrow Drive when your done.