Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jesus and Revelation: Not what he looked like, but who he is

Our church just started a series on Revelation a couple weeks ago. The message today was centered around Revelation 1:9-20, where John has a vision of Jesus. Clearly, John had a difficult time describing what he saw as he uses the word "like" seven times (or at least this is the way it translates in the ESV). Only metaphorical language and many similes can approximate the glory of the Son of Man.

Living in our image driven culture and era, it can be easy to fixate on the visual. But the pastor made an important point: It is not about what Jesus looked like, but about who he is. The impressive visual imagery is meant to draw us to a place of worship before the King of Glory.

The picture at left is inspired by Revelation 19. The first time I saw it was driving on I-90 through downtown Spokane. It appears as a large mural on the side of a building just north of the freeway. I've always wondered how many people notice it, and of those, how many know this is a painting of Jesus (though the title "King of Glory" painted above it probably helps). Whether you like the artistic style or not, it certainly captures an aspect of who Jesus is that we normally don't highlight.

Maybe we should.


  1. I think it is a pretty cool depiction, and I am impressed that is is on this building in downtown Spokane. Do you know who painted it there? Just curious...

  2. I don't know, Lisa. I think it might be on a building that is/was owned by a rescue mission.

  3. I know the couple who had this mural put on their building. They are strong Christians and wanted to share this magnificient mural with all the people in Spokane and those traveling that highway. It was a hige under taking and cost a lot of money. And I am so proud of my friends when I hear you people sau that you like it. I know it will touch the lives of many. I pray it stays preserved on that building forever. The building is used to help those in need. That is what my friend prayed for when she sold the building and moved on to her next ministry.