Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fasting, Support Raising, and Moving

My friend and co-worker, Matt, has been blogging about his experience fasting. You should check it out.

It has inspired me to try and write about a couple different experiences: One that me and my wife are in right now (support raising) and one we just completed (moving). In both of them, I've been learning some difficult things about my character, some very good things about the character of the Lord, and some very practical things that have helped me in both. Perhaps some of it will be helpful to others.

So get ready for a torrent of posts...or at least more than the 1 post/month rate I've been doing. :)

[BTW - I haven't been on blogger since they re-did their interface. It looks much nicer, and has some neat new features, but I don't ever remember accidentally publishing a post with the old one!]

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