Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Facebook study shows Facebook users like moving fingers while staring at screens

A fellow staff member is a little bit anti-facebook and sent a link to me the other day. It is about a study finding that adds a tally mark to the "reasons to stay off Facebook" column (summary: Facebook users are narcissists).

Of course, there are a lot of Facebook studies coming out lately. In fact, the study she sited was dated August 2010. But lo and behold, just this month, another study comes out showing Facebook helps your self-esteem.

And then there is this study that just dropped last week: "Most Americans have Facebook, study says"

Here are my predictions for Facebook studies we'll soon be reading about:

"Study shows people more likely to recommend Facebook studies that reinforce their native preferences about Facebook than those that don't."

"Study shows Facebook studies often disproven by future Facebook studies"

"Study shows Facebook study data can be used to prove two opposing viewpoints"

"Study shows Facebook users behave in ways that reflect the culture at large"

"Study shows Facebook would be less polarizing if it were called 'Starbucks'"

Initiative: Take it

One of our regional opterns (operations interns), Amie, had the following assignment today:

- Pick-up a staff family from the airport and get them to their destination in Portland.

The plan as it stood yesterday was for the family to arrive, pick-up their bags, then call Amie (who would be in the cell phone waiting area) to pick them up at the curb.

Instead, Amie took it upon herself to arrive early, park, and go wait beside the security checkpoint. She stood there with a sign she had made with the family's name and our organizational mark (getting a few snide comments along the way about "Campus Crusade for Christ"), initiating the pick-up at the earliest point possible and demonstrating a fine sense of hospitality.

Perhaps a small thing, but I loved it. From Seth Godin's post yesterday:

Initiative isn't given, you take it

The amazing thing is that unlike taking an apple or a chocolate bar, there's no loss to the rest of us. After you take it, we all benefit.